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Lateral Creations - Lateral Canvas


Lateral Creations - Lateral Canvas

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Interwoven Landscapes


Interwoven Landscapes Art Works by Megan Webber

Description of Influences and Links to examples:

Interwoven Landscapes

is my exploration into water and landscapes in all forms. I have lived in the city of Darebin and have for the past three years taken myself out to Northern Victoria. First to KingLake in the Hills where I had some difficulty adapting to life in the country even though I’ve always loved forests and the environment.

It was also an awakening on what I’ve taken for granted. In the city of Darebin and within city environments I have felt more or less accepted for things like sexuality and you always have an ability to move if needed to, find friends, to shift environments.

I have found country living from a personal point of view at times quite lonely, but still I’m excited deep down about living day to day in the bush.

My artworks in Interwoven Landscapes look at many factors of my experiences from examining how drought affects these communities just north of Melbourne. My observations where made when we moved from King Lake to Seymour. The absolute devastation the drought had on the landscape between the mountains and Seymour was a stark realisation on questions of water use and how we have affected our country. Obviously this is very topical in terms of the Pipe Line being constructed from the Goulburn River to Melbourne.

Ironically we now live on the banks of the Goulburn River where much of the source of my new banner works have stemmed from. I took a series of photographs from the river and have started a closer examination of all sources of water and landscape this is an ongoing current theme.

The other aspect of my art in Interwoven Landscapes is that I have also looked at my own personal change in moving to the country and celebrate many aspects of communities and people I’ve met. I also have been strongly influenced by music in the development of my style it has always been an intention for myself to work towards artworks, which create a similar effect as music does on an audience. I have always spent many nights and days at gigs around the City of Darebin, Brunswick and Fitzroy with all forms of music from punk, grunge, blues and country.

These are reflected in my artworks.

I hope in my works to reflect diversity and engage an audience.

I have had a showing of this artwork in April this year at the Harvest Homestead in Avenel, which was a 2 day event and would love to be able to exhibit again to a city audience.

Megan Webber


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Many Opportunities in Writing.


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Important Links to Artist Openings and Opportunities.


These following links are important resources for Australian artists, but there are also some world wide links that will connect you with competitions, exhibitions and opportunities. Some are free to join, but there is always good reasons to up-grade as this often allows you greater opportunities to use various web-site resources as well as receiving information first.

The first arts site I'd like to discuss is Arts Hub this site is available also in the USA and UK and has the most extensive art based job listings that I have found. There is a subscription cost, but it is well worth it. You will get all the latest info on this site and I have always found it comprehensive as well allowing me to enter various competitions and apply for various positions from all fields of art. You can't go without being a member of this site.

Extract from Arts Hub's Site :

About ArtsHub

ArtsHub Team

The ArtsHub team is an eclectic mix of artists, enthusiasts, musicians, performers and comedians with a few internet business types thrown in for good measure.

Take a peek at the ArtsHub city warehouse we work in.
Watch the winner of the ArtsHub Grassroots Competition!
Check our RSS feed daily for latest tweets on arts, competitions, free tickets, promotions and gossip

The corporate bit...

Established in 2000, ArtsHub is now one of Australia’s leading websites serving the creative and arts industries. ArtsHub is visited over 100,000 times each month and offers access to the latest news, views, reviews, jobs, events, company profiles and general classifieds from the Australian creative and arts industries. Over 800 arts companies subscribe to ArtsHub advertising their companies, latest events, and jobs on offer.

ArtsHub also has operations in the UK and the US.

Arts Connect
This was actually one of the first sites I started using a few years ago. This site lists or the relevant contest and opportunities in Arts around Australia and also internationally.

This is directly from the site itself : ABOUT ARTSCONNECT

artsConnect promotes Australian artists of all media on the internet - from filmmakers, painters, poets, musicians, actors, sculptors, designers, fire artists, fashion designers, graffiti artists, jewellery designers, performing artists, writers etc.

artsConnect is based on Manly Corso on the northern beaches of Sydney. Established by Teresa Charchalis in February 2002, and developed with assistance from the NEIS government program (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme), artsConnect has grown to be a large and very active art portal in Australia.

There are over 500 artists, troupes and resources are profiled on artsConnect. Visitors can contact artists directly via their profile regarding paid commission work and exhibitino opportunities, there is no fee for referrals received through artsConnect.

In July 2006 the National Library of Australia added artsConnect in its archive of nationally significant online publications. This means the entire artsConnect is digitally recorded within the National Library of Australia's database, and will be accessible for research by future generations to come.

Artists are invited to Register for a one page web profile that outlines their creative interests, shows examples of their work and provides a contact for others to connect with them. artsConnect has successfully connected hundreds of artists with galleries, private art buyers, event organisers, corporates and festivals. Read our artists testimonials here.


Do schools kill creativity ?



OpenZine the Artists Blog.


Lateral Canvas
Eat with Passion.

Create Your OpenZine

I was introduced to OpenZine late last year. I was also quite excited by this site. Openzine provides and easy application based Zine formatted blog for Artists and I think the talent on this site is exceptional. The site is completely free to use and allows your own coding and formatting, with easy publication tools, which gets your finished Zines out to a world wide audience very quickly and easily.

The variety of publications and quality of artwork and resources makes this site a must join for any artist or craft worker. The other great thing about this site is that being able to access page code to add your own personalized style will enable you to express yourself in a most unique way.

Again a must join for any artist or craft worker.