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Interwoven Landscapes

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Interwoven Landscapes Art Works by Megan Webber

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Interwoven Landscapes

is my exploration into water and landscapes in all forms. I have lived in the city of Darebin and have for the past three years taken myself out to Northern Victoria. First to KingLake in the Hills where I had some difficulty adapting to life in the country even though I’ve always loved forests and the environment.

It was also an awakening on what I’ve taken for granted. In the city of Darebin and within city environments I have felt more or less accepted for things like sexuality and you always have an ability to move if needed to, find friends, to shift environments.

I have found country living from a personal point of view at times quite lonely, but still I’m excited deep down about living day to day in the bush.

My artworks in Interwoven Landscapes look at many factors of my experiences from examining how drought affects these communities just north of Melbourne. My observations where made when we moved from King Lake to Seymour. The absolute devastation the drought had on the landscape between the mountains and Seymour was a stark realisation on questions of water use and how we have affected our country. Obviously this is very topical in terms of the Pipe Line being constructed from the Goulburn River to Melbourne.

Ironically we now live on the banks of the Goulburn River where much of the source of my new banner works have stemmed from. I took a series of photographs from the river and have started a closer examination of all sources of water and landscape this is an ongoing current theme.

The other aspect of my art in Interwoven Landscapes is that I have also looked at my own personal change in moving to the country and celebrate many aspects of communities and people I’ve met. I also have been strongly influenced by music in the development of my style it has always been an intention for myself to work towards artworks, which create a similar effect as music does on an audience. I have always spent many nights and days at gigs around the City of Darebin, Brunswick and Fitzroy with all forms of music from punk, grunge, blues and country.

These are reflected in my artworks.

I hope in my works to reflect diversity and engage an audience.

I have had a showing of this artwork in April this year at the Harvest Homestead in Avenel, which was a 2 day event and would love to be able to exhibit again to a city audience.

Megan Webber


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